About Pivvot.

Pivvot is a design and animation studio that helps you clarify and communicate your message directly to your customer, so you can deliver your product to the people who need it and grow your business.

Pivvot was born from the need for businesses to be able to express themselves in a way that is not merely attractive and entertaining, but also, and most importantly, effective. This can come in many forms, from explainer videos to tv commercials and other digital branded content. Interested in something not mentioned here? Reach out!

Chris Zachary.

From the early days of drawing with markers to the discovery of motion design and video, Chris has always been passionate about creating art. Chris has been fortunate enough to have worked on a wide variety of projects over the past 3 years, both large and small ranging from animated and live action commercials, to editorial and advertisement illustrations. His work has been awarded awarded several ADDY awards at club and district levels and a national TELLY award.

Find Chris online:

Twitter: @itstheonlychris

Portfolio: chriszachary.me